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What is a Non-Commercial Driver’s License

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Having a valid driving license is one of the vital things to drive vehicles on US roads. Most people think that a driving license is all about bikes and cars only. In reality, there are many different kinds of motor vehicles that may require a special driving license, and driving with a valid license can land you in trouble that invites penalties and even jail terms. We can classify driving licenses into two types, commercial and non-commercial. Today we will try to understand the non-commercial driving license. To understand what is a non-commercial license, we need to understand the difference between it and its commercial counterpart.

Diffrence between commercial and non-commercial driving license

To understand more about the non-CDL license, let’s try to find out the difference between commercial and non-commercial license:- 

  • A commercial driving license is for the drivers who want to drive commercial vehicles. If the motor vehicle is not a way to earn, you can operate the motor vehicle using a non-commercial driving license.
  • The process of procuring a non-commercial driving license is much easier than procuring a commercial license for driving.
  • The tests for obtaining non-CDL will not include technical specifications of the vehicles.
  • You cannot drive a vehicle weighing more than 8000 LBS by using non-CDL.
  • You need to have a commercial driving license for driving jobs in the united states, whereas a non-commercial license is valid to drive only personal vehicles.

Different types of Non-commercial license types in the USA

Different types of Non-commercial license types in the USA

Though you may find some variation with kinds of non-commercial driving licenses in different states of the country, primarily, there are only four types of such driving licenses. Below are those four kinds of non-commercial license for driving that you need to know to understand what is the non-commercial driver’s license:-

  • Class M – you need to procure Class M if you are a bike lover and prefer to ride motorbikes. There is one thing that you should keep in mind while applying for a Class M license. You cannot drive a car or any other four-wheel vehicle with it.
  • Class C – This type of driving license is for people who want to drive cars. It is one of the most common types of DL in the country, but having a class c license does not mean that you can get employment to drive a car based on it. 
  • Class B – The class C license allows you to drive farm vehicles and non-commercial buses. It is vital to consider that this type of license enables you to operate a motor vehicle that does not exceed the gross vehicle weight rating of 3500 kilograms. It is not valid for the motor vehicle that has more than eight seats in addition to the driver seat.
  • Class A – Owning a class A license means that you can drive the vehicles that fall under the Class C and B mentioned earlier. In short, this license enables you to enjoy the benefits of both C and B classes together with a single driving license only.

Understanding the Non-commercial class C driver’s license

Are you wondering about what is non-commercial Class C driver’s license? It is one of the common questions that can strike the mind of an individual who is navigating the complex licensing procedures of the country. As it is one of the most common types of licenses that people in the USA seek so let’s try to find out what makes it so special:-

  • Class C driver’s license is meant for individuals who drive vehicles that do not weigh more than 26000 lbs. If a person wants to drive a motor vehicle that weighs more than it, he needs to obtain a commercial class C driving license.
  • Holder of C Class Non-commercial DL is not authorized to drive a passager vehicle having more than ten passengers.
  • You cannot drive vehicles with trailers of more than 10000 lbs using the Non-commercial class C license. It may not apply to vehicles with double or triple trailers or those used for motor vehicle towing.
  • The minimum age to obtain class C non-CDL is 16 years. A person has to demonstrate his abilities to drive a non-commercial vehicle to obtain this license.

Significance of choosing a perfect driving license

A driving license is one of the most significant requisites for driving any motorized vehicle in the country. If you are about to apply for a driving license, make sure to understand the difference between commercial and non-commercial driver’s licenses. By doing so, you do not face any problems while driving the vehicles. Make sure to check the different kinds of licenses issued by your states and apply for the one that is the best match for your driving needs.

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